The Table Women Podcast

The Table Ep. 13 - Carl Kornmeyer & Emma Brooke

March 23, 2021

Sarah and Vic sit down with LBK Entertainment President and CEO Carl Kornmeyer and LBK Songwriter Emma Brooke. We get a unique look at their creative and business dynamics, and the inner workings of a music publishing company! Carl shares some of the knowledge he's gained founding and running TV networks and developing creatives, and Emma shares what she learned through her past experiences and why she values their relationship so much. We also dive into:

The evolution of the “Nashville way”

Country radio, TV, and creativity

Gender dynamics in the industry

What a publisher/writer relationship is like

Aligning morals and the music industry

What makes a good team?

Championing up and coming creatives


Episode notes:


Thank you to our season 2 launch sponsor Anchor Publicity! We are so proud to work with such a wonderful female-owned company that supports and uplifts others. You can find them at:


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